Fabulous in High Heels

The way you walk into a room, whether it is for a meeting or a social event, says a lot about you and the way you are feeling. When you enter a room with confidence you command attention, captivate your audience, perhaps get the job!

With the right training you can learn how to hold yourself to create the impression you want, but more importantly, feel good about yourself.

Fabulous in High Heels will not only help you to achieve this but to walk beautifully and well in even the highest of heels.

Or if you simply wish to learn the secrets of great postural alignment and poise, Sarah’s 21st Century Deportment class may be for you.

Sarah has used her years of dancing and teaching experience to create these classes and has taken advice from physiotherapists and podiatrists to make sure she can offer you the best bespoke class possible. Her empathetic and fun teaching style makes it a thoroughly enjoyable, as well as informative experience.

You will learn exercises for strengthening your feet, legs and core stability and how to hold yourself with good postural alignment. Sarah’s techniques also encourage relaxation which is paramount for good posture.

At the end of the session you will receive a copy of Sarah’s book, with a lovely foreword by Jennifer Saunders, so you will always have a manual for practising as well as one or more extra corrections especially for you!

Either class can be taken privately, in small groups or in larger or corporate groups. See classes